We manufacture plain pipes (collar joint and flush joint) and Spigot & Socket joint pipes (Class NP2, NP3 & NP4) for all diameter of pipes ranging from 100mm to 1400mm.

We manufacture the following diameter and classes of ISI marked Spigot & Socket pipes:

i)   900mm            NP3
ii)  1000mm          NP3
iii) 1100mm          NP3
iv) 1200mm          NP3
v) 1400mm           NP3


i) 100mm NP2
ii) 150mm NP2 & NP3
iii) 200mm NP2, NP3 & NP4
iv) 250mm NP2, NP3 & NP4
v) 300mm NP2, NP3 & NP4
vi) 350mm NP2, NP3 & NP4
vii) 400mm NP3 vi) 450mm NP3
viii) 500mm NP3

1. Quality/ Adherence to Standards:
The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) license granted to the majority of our Spigot & Socket pipes is proof of our products conformity to Standards.We have a dedicated team handling the quality control function of the organization. Further, we have all the testing equipment and mechanism in place to ensure that there are no deviations from Standard. For further details, kindly click on the Quality link.

 2. Timely delivery: We are aware that timely delivery of products plays a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction. Our customers will vouch for the fact that we fulfill all our commitments as far as delivery of products is concerned.

3. Infrastructure:It is almost impossible to ensure quality and timely delivery if an organization does not have the basic infrastructure in place. For a small scale industry, our infrastructure is pretty sound. We have the required manufacturing machinery, moulds, stockyards for storing, curing tanks, vehicles for transport of goods etc. to take care of large customer orders.
4.Experience: Since 1984, Balaji Spun Pipes & Industries has been catering to the needs of different customers. We have been supplying pipes to major sewerage and drainage Government projects in the State. We have the experience of dealing with corporate clients like L&T, ECCI Ltd., Maytas, Voltas etc. and delivering products to them. The RCC pipes manufactured by us are used by reputed construction companies, builders, contractors etc. for road culverts, drainage and sewerage systems, agriculture, irrigation, for laying underground power and telecommunication cables etc. We have supplied pipes to different Panchayats, irrigation departments and sewerage water works board. ECCI Ltd, Larsen & Tourbo, SSVG Engineering Projects (P) Ltd etc are some of our other major customers.
5.Cost Efficiency: Cost efficiency provides a definite competitive edge to any industry, more so to a small scale industry. For us the challenge lies in being efficient without going overboard with the costs. Among other things, we achieve cost efficiency through proper workforce management and competitive pricing. The key to price products which conform to Standards is to strike a balance. The price should cover the costs involved in manufacturing quality products while maintaining reasonable margins. On the other hand, the prices shouldn’t be too high which might lead the customer to turn to inferior products available in plenty in the market. We, at Balaji, strive hard to maintain this balance. We also have the system in place to deal with machinery breakdowns, labour problems etc.
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