We manufacture plain pipes (collar joint and flush joint) and Spigot & Socket joint pipes (Class NP2, NP3 & NP4) for all diameter of pipes ranging from 100mm to 1400mm.

We manufacture the following diameter and classes of ISI marked Spigot & Socket pipes:

i)   900mm            NP3
ii)  1000mm          NP3
iii) 1100mm          NP3
iv) 1200mm          NP3
v) 1400mm           NP3


i) 100mm NP2
ii) 150mm NP2 & NP3
iii) 200mm NP2, NP3 & NP4
iv) 250mm NP2, NP3 & NP4
v) 300mm NP2, NP3 & NP4
vi) 350mm NP2, NP3 & NP4
vii) 400mm NP3 vi) 450mm NP3
viii) 500mm NP3

Balaji Spun Pipes & Industries :-
Balaji Spun Pipes & Industries is a small scale industry started in 1984. We are the leading manufacturer s of ISI marked precast concrete, Spigot & Socket pipes in Orissa. In addition, we also manufacture all classes and diameters of flush joint and collar joint concrete pipes. Since the past 25 years,

we have been supplying concrete pipes to major drainage and sewerage projects in the state. Our pipes are also used by our customers for agricultural purposes, road culverts, protecting telecommunication cables from the pressure exerted by passing vehicles etc.

Our correspondence address:

Registered Office:- Balaji Spun Pipes & Industries, Post Aiginia, Bhubaneswar-751019, Dist: Khurda, Orissa, Office & Fax no. - 0674-2470793

Factory address :At: Alkar, Post Janla, Dist: Khurda




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